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Caro White Carrot Cream and Soap Kit

Price: $19.36

Qty:One (1) bottle of cream (250 g) and one (1) bar of soap (7 oz.)
Plus:Free shipping on U.S. orders

Caro White Intense Cream with Carrot Oil and Vitamin E has been specially developed for delicate skin. It protects from blemishes and gives a more even look and radiance to the skin. Each bottle contains 8.8 oz. (250 g). Caro White Soap contains Carrot to fight skin dark spots and pigmentary blemishes. Its rubbing action deeply cleans the epidermis. This soap leaves your skin smooth, even and radiant. Caro White Soap is for every skin type. Use daily preferably before applying Caro White Creams or Lotions. Each soap weighs 7 oz. (200 g). Please see images for additional product information and details.

Limited Time Offer: Free shipping to all destinations within the USA / PI: 678924424235 - 678924373236 / CARW008 - CARW003

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